An Angel's Face

In a brief length of time,
In an ordinary place,
I was blessed with the sight
Of an angel's face.

He was truly sent to me
>From God up above,
To hold, to teach,
To give him my love.

The days and the nights
Were all sweet and dear,
And I'll always thank God
For sending him here.

Now he's gone from this earth,
This ordinary place,
But one day I'll again see
That angel's face.

I wrote this poem the day after my son was killed in an automobile accident. He wasn't your typical teen. He was a Christian, an Eagle Scout, a clean-cut high school graduate, who just loved people. I knew how much I loved him, as well as other members of the family, but the day of his funeral proved it even more. There were more than five hundred people in attendance. He had touched their lives in so many wonderful ways. He was my angel.

Thank you for this opportunity
Sincerely,Kathy S.