The Whisper of Angel Wings

My name is Cindy and it is a miracle that I'm alive today. Last December I was diagnosed with a non-operable malignant brain tumor. I had to leave school to go home for chemotherapy and radiation. The doctors didn't think that I'd live through the end of April. After a rigorous battle with many obstacles along the way, I was diagnosed cancer-free in at the beginning of June. I don't now how this miracle found it's way to me, but I know without the wonderful people and extremely good-natured doctors, I wouldn't be here today. All of those people who helped me through this are my Angels. My life is forever changed because those people cared enough to smile and make me laugh and help me see life in a renewed way. Angels are certainly among us and the deserved to be recognized. I wrote a poem recently about those wonderful people and about my guardian angel. I thought I should share it.

Another day of hardship and grief,
Only to be interrupted by a moment of sheer belief.
It was that day when I realized I'm not alone,
For in my dreams an angel was shown.
Lifted up in a radiant white,
I was almost blinded by that brilliant light.
I knew when I saw her that everything would be okay.
She would safely guard me through the terrors of the day.
Should I stumble and lose my faiths demand,
She was there to lift me up by an unseen hand.
What comfort and joy that moment brings,
To hear the whisper of angel wings.

The very next morning when I awoke,
That dream had faded, like a cruel joke.
I prayed for that feeling of safety again and again.
My guardian angel where have you been?
Then I looked out my window and caught a glimpse of the sky.
Suddenly I felt the need to cry.
I had lost faith in my angel, my guardian dear;
Though you seem so far away, I know you are near.
How daft could I be to forget your love,
when all I had to do was look to the heavens above?
What comfort and joy that moment brings,
To hear the whisper of angel wings.

Now that my life is straightened out,
I look back on those days with absolutely no doubt.
My guardian angel was they're watching all the things I could do;
Finding ways for my wishes and prayers to come true.
I try to make sense of it, but regardless of how hard I try,
I know it was a miracle, how could I possibly lie?
Day after day, prayer after prayer
I wanted everyone to know their guardian angel was there.
Never fear and never despise.
Your angel is there patiently waiting in somebody's eyes.
What a comfort and joy that moment brings,
To hear the whispers of angel wings.

- ME