It was one of those stormy nights in New Orleans when thunderous sounds and pouring rains swell the city streets with water.

I was walking home from my night job and there before me in the fuzziness of the rain and winds an Angel appeared and told me I was one of the Angels who was incarnated to help people with their relationships, especially with their pains and hurts associated with love.

This Angel that appeared to me was bright and beautiful with a soft, yet musical kind of voice.

I was more than stunned, I was numb, because I never believed in Angels. How could I believe I was one here to do work..

I thought and prayed and in my dreams on proceeding nights the same Angel came to me and told me to set up a shop where I could help people heal from love wounds.

I was told I always had the psychic ability to heal and mend broken hearts.

I could not afford to stop working my night job so I did not pursue the shop idea.

One night I had totally forgotten about the Angelic appearances and played the LOTTO.

I kept the ticket for awhile in my dresser and then one day while I was in my local 711 I pulled out the ticket and asked if these were winning numbers... Well, the rest is history and now I have a shop in the French Quarter that aids the broken hearted.

Some of my proceeds go the homeless shelters and help rescue sick animals..