When I was in the fifth grade, my father was stationed in Saigon, Vietnam during the war. My little sister and I often went to sleep with my mother in her bed watching T.V. One night I woke up for an unknown reason and saw a lady in white hovering about us. She didn't scare me but I felt like something could be wrong and she was there to comfort us.

The next morning I woke up and my mother were listening to the new of Saigon being under a massive attack later called the Tet (spelling) offensive. It was the Vietnamese New Year. I told her about my vision and she was scared that it was an Angel comforting us because my father had been killed and started crying. I didn't feel that way at all and told her so.

It turned out that my father had been under attack and but was okay. In fact, he receives a bronze star for his bravery that day. I now believe that the Angel was my guardian Angel and was sent to let us know my father was being protected just as we were.

Connie Brown