July 21st, 2010, the day before yesterday, I believe an angel helped me save my daughter.

We were rafting & tubing on the Meremac River in MO. A current took her into a tree and her tube went under a limb, she was trapped with the tube behind her back & the limb pinning her chest. She was trying with all of her might to keep her head above water. I jumped out of my raft upstream which carried me just past her. I grabbed the same tree she was clinging to. She was a few feet away, but the current was so strong that I could not get to her. I watched the water rush over her head and thought "she is going to drown right in front of me" I have no memory of what happened after that but I was INSTANTLY right beside her. I was able to pull the limb from her chest & she went under & grabbed onto me. The current was so strong and the inner tube stayed right next to me thus I was able to hold us afloat with one arm & hold her with the other. We floated downstream to safety.

I am absolutely convinced an angel lifted or pushed me to her because it happened instantly and I cannot remember it.

What a miracle! C.