Whisper in my Ear

My angel whispered to me and my now 25 yr old son. It was about 22 yrs ago. We were driving in my dads pick up truck down a long and winding road that we drove on every day. Back then children didn't have to be in car seats and such so my son was standing beside me. I had both the windows down as my air conditioning didn't work..

About 10 mins into our drive I heard a whisper in my ear .. "Please roll up your sons window." I stopped suddenly and I did just that. I started again and in about 30 secs I went around a curve and was head on with another car. I swerved and lost control of the truck and we flipped over. When we landed the truck was lying flat on its side ...my sons side flush against the grass right on the window.

I looked down as I was standing straddling my son laying between my legs looking up at me, unhurt. But he was laying on the glass of the window.. If my angel hadn't whispered to me to roll up that window he would have surly been thrown from the truck or crushed under that window.

Cathy Milligan