He Came to Tell Me

As a little girl my maternal grandfather and I were super close. He was at the hospital at the time of my birth and my dad wasn't even there. I stayed a lot at his house while my parents were still out running the roads, he was very dear to me.

When I was eight years old I moved from Detroit, Michigan to Tennessee away from him. We would drive to Detroit once a year to see him. My uncle would drive him to Tennessee sometimes to visit us. In 2004 I was living in Georgia going to Job Corp. My grandfather was then 88 years old and was still living in Detroit he, or 'something', came to me and whispered in my ear that my grandfather died.

I was so upset I stood up at the second I heard the voice and ran out of class crying. I tried calling my mom in Tennessee, she did not answer so I called my grandfather's house ...no one answered.

So I called the Detroit morgue explained my story to them and told them his name and they told me he had recently died at home while in his kitchen making himself some coffee.

I believe he came to tell me.