Called to Prayer

Hello, yes I have a story about how Angles became so real to me.

I worked as a Custodian in a middle school in Fla. I know God had called me to pray (TO WAR) and I did for this school; my sister was also called to pray. God was allowing us to be more nature We worked at the same school which is very rare in the school system. Must of been a GOD thing for a couple of years.

We both would listen to our tapes. Bible tapes as we worked together and we'd fellowship all the time often. We loved it!

But one day as I was walking down the hallway in school like in an instant there was this Angel only the backside, the wings were touching both sides of the walls, beautiful white feathers is all I saw. God than ask me to start praying for all that went to this school. Children, teachers, aides the whole works. I ran and got my sister and told her what God had ask us to do, we were so excited. We started praying where God would tell us to pray. The first assignment was in the Guidance Office, we prayed. the counselors and children who needed help and strength.

As we were leaving the office we found this beautiful white feather. By the way the offices had already been cleaned earlier. Then God ask us to go into the main office to pray, pary for the office staff, and Principal. We also found a big white feather. Then God ask us to go into the class rooms of children that had a very rough life - I guess special classes. We found feathers there also but they were ruffled looking like they were in a really bad fight.

Than God sent us into the handicap childrens rooms ..we prayed there. Sure enough there was several white feathers there. I went back and ask the teacher if there had been any toys, stuffed animals or torn objects in her room and she said no. By the way all this was over a period of time, not all at once.

Well summer cleaning came God ask us to pray over every desk we cleaned and room!! Some assignment! Plus all the hallways. Than we started seeing feathers in the classes and hallways. NOW no children or teachers in the building so that just blew our minds! So this praying went on for years and we found feathers through out the year.

We were always in prayer over the school. God even ask us to walk the entire school grounds, 7 times one night we prayed and pleaded the blood over every inch of the school.

We started finding feathers all over the place. Some were like they had been in a battle; some looked as though they have a golden tip.

This is what I have experienced with Angels.