Angel Power

My husband and I were traveling through northern New Mexico in a moving van. My husband informed me that he had neglected to gas up the van before we left the hotel, but he was sure there would be gas stations along the way. As the gas tank neared empty and no gas stations appeared, I prayed for assistance. A large angel appeared. He was sitting on top of our van. We then saw a gas station and exited the freeway. We were very disappointed to find the gas station appeared to have been closed for months. This side trip used more of our dwindling fuel supply which added to our anxiety. I looked at the fuel gauge. It was resting on "E" for empty and we were more than 50 miles from the nearest city, Santa Fe. The angel on top leaned forward as if looking ahead or encouraging our starving vehicle onward. We drove on and on, finding no more gas stations along the way, until we finally reached Santa Fe. My husband pulled off the freeway and up onto the beginnings of a hill. The van stopped, out of fuel. We felt at peace even though we were stuck. After a small rest, he restarted the ignition and slowly drove the rest of the way up the hill. There was a gas station on our left! It was open! He pulled in and gassed up. Our angel left. It was a miracle! We drove more than 50 miles with no fuel.

Candice Lisle

"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven." - Matthew 5:16