Mountain Lion

My name is Steve, my nickname is burnedbelly, but thats another story. In 1972 I was hiking to Moscow mountain in north central Idaho. It is near Moscow Idaho. It was late March and there was still plenty of snow on the ground as my elevation increased.

I was hiking a trail that paralelled an old logging road yet passed through intermitten forest and open grassy areas. Suddenly to my right driving at a high rate of speed through one of these open areas was bouncing a yellow jeep with two people in it. They reached me fairly quickly. It was a young woman, and a young man both around 25 years old, dressed in flannel shirts and blue jeans, typical garb of the mountain folks of that place and time. They had a Winchester rifle between the seats. I was very apprehensive about this encounter. They quickly told me to get in the jeep as it was time to take me to safety.

The woman said, "You are being followed by a mountain lion". I got in, they brought me to the road where I had stepped into the forest initially showed me my tracks and then the mountain lion's. I knew then they meant me no harm. They then said they would take me further up the road to a safe place where I would be completely out of danger. When we arrived to the turn around, I stepped out of the jeep turned to thank them, and there was absolutely no one there, no jeep, no tire tracks, no sound of a jeep speeding away.

I believe to this day I was saved by the Grace of God through the intvervention of His Angels. I continued on my hike, never telling anyone of that encounter until years later when speaking privately to an ordained minister. He knew I was the quiet grounded type, so I think he believed me.