Chorus of Angels

When I was about 9 years old, I was playing in my recently deceased father's bedroom one morning with my sister and suddenly there was this incredibly bright light that filled the room and a chorus of voices that was beyond description. It was more than loud, it kind of went right into my body. I remember my sister falling to her knees and I just froze. Just as suddenly as it started, it ended and me and my sister talked about it and agreed it must have been from heaven but we figured nobody would believe us if we told them so we kept it to ourselves.

It's 40 years later now and last year I talked to my sister about it for the first time since it happened just to make sure I hadn't imagined it all but she still remembers it as clearly as I do. Not sure what it meant as we were never very religious but twice in my life I've been stopped by complete strangers and told I have a very vivid guardian angel watching over me. Obviously, I found that weird but I've always felt something looking out for me so over the years I've come to believe in my guardian angel and feel that it has a connection to what happened to me way back in 1970. That's my angel story and it's absolutely true.

Brian Roy
Montreal, Quebec.