Our Spiritual Lives

One year ago; October 29, 2012, I momentarily observed a man die. Ironically, at the same time, I also watched the rebirth of his soul. To make matters even more magical and mystical, I then witnessed our Lord's angels come for that soul, while that same soul simultaneously divided, yet merged, within and in-between itself.

Before anyone thinks of me as lacking empathy, practicality, or rationality, allow yourself for a moment to understand that With God, For God, Because of God, and In God, there is ALWAYS life after death. With that being said, there is no death to mourn, which means a person only temporarily experiences a physical absence of matter, not energy. Energy does not die!

While one person may miss another's ego or personality, another would (still) experience, thereby receive, continued mental and emotional nurturing for their physical selves, by, and with the other, if open to it and allowed.

It all begins and ends with perspective! One can choose to grieve what and whom is still very much here and there, or one can choose to rejoice and celebrate the higher evolution of the other.

I will end this truth with these powerful and prophetic words:
Please do not grieve for a lost loved one. If you knew where your loved one goes, if you accept that it was their time and decision to go there, and if you understand that our virtual moments in time equal their speed of thought, you will not again feel sad, but would instead choose to connect with and maintain that loving, familiar relationship on a higher, more authentic, amazing level!