I would like to think that my story; my experience, will persuade at least one nonbeliever, but let's face it: most of who don't believe won't UNTIL something extraordinary or divine happens to them. I think for most, subjects like Angels and Christ and Satan are like subjects of UFOs and afterlife and reincarnation for me: its existence is believed in, yet, I can't definitively say its real becaus I've never actually witnessed it. I have however, witnessed the real and true powers of both good and evil; Christ against Satan, and I'm ecstatic that I've found a place to share the details. Thank you for reading.

There was a time in my life that was devilishly dark and deep with despair; one that which I hope to never repeat. My then husband had for ten years been physically abusive, explosively emotionally abusive, and so psychologically tormenting that by ends time, the abuse generated a mental illness of my own. I was persecuted by my friends, abandoned by my family and husband, shunned by the community, and ultimately suffered the [temporary] removal of my children as a result of the aforementioned. That time was literally my hell on earth! Needless to say, I forgot about God. In truth, I had zero faith. It never even occurred to me to pray. "They say" that when the mental, emotional and spiritual conditions and environment, or lack thereof, is right, the conception for a perfect feeding ground for evil and its inhabitants are prime. I will vogue for that.

At that time, it was normal for me to feel afraid, fear the dark, and sense others presence. Routinely I saw "shadow people", heard things thrown in the dark, heard whispers and two-way conversations, etc. Even when my family was intact though would we all experience paranormal phenomena so I blew it all off as normal. What became abnormal however, was my increased agitation and intensified fear, nightly paralyzing nightmares, and the sudden, yet repeated homicidal/suicidal thoughts. At a time, I had literally become obsessed (or possessed) and even felt comforted by the idea and daydreams of murdering my husband then killing myself. I had it all worked out and even started "the note". Looking back I still wonder if I created my own demon, like a poltergeist, but wherever it came from; no matter by whom it was created, it feverishly fueled my desired determination to make my husband pay. AT ALL COSTS!

One night I had attempted to fall asleep and felt the usual: someone staring at me. This particular stare however, felt different. It felt more ominous; insidious; invasive. It felt intelligent; with direction or purpose. It felt personal, vile; EVIL! Lying on my right side, I felt the entity stand only feet from me. Intimidated by fear and feeling vulnerable with my back to open space, I changed positions and lay on my back. As quickly as it took for me to roll over was as quickly it took this demon to hover immediately above me. I JUST KNEW WE WERE NOSE TO NOSE! Within millimeters, I could feel this entity's shape and outline. I could feel its hateful eyes beam through mine, though closed. I could feel its true, deliberate disgust and relentless want and intention: ME! I literally felt trapped! I felt oxygen escape me. I felt my heart pound so heavily that I remember thinking "I'm going to have a heart attack". Unable to clutch my blankets or shut my eyes any tighter, I prayed to every single man, woman and angel in Heaven. I prayed like never before! I prayed to God, to Jesus, the Holy Spirit. I prayed to every angel I could remember; Michael, Gabriel, Raphael. I prayed to and begged Mother Mary, my guardian angels, my spirit guides - even my deceased grandfather whom I never knew!

By God, I was understatedly petrified! After what felt like a handful of time, I suddenly felt this overwhelming, radiating, most intensifying, comfortable, beautiful, flawless warmth that encompassed my entire body. It began in my chest (presumably because that's from where I prayed), and it extended to and through every fiber of my being. Instantaneously I felt perfectly protected, complete trust, relief, relaxation, and above all, I felt pure, unadulterated, unconditional LOVE! There was this inexplicable and indescribable feathery lightness to and in the air that magically erased the most horrific moments of my life!

In fact, so captured and captivated by the events, I think for a moment's time I forgot about the danger that just seconds before nearly sent me over the edge. I don't know how long the battle really lasted, but I do know it seemed almost immediate when I felt safe. I never felt as if I floated, but I did feel like I was sheltered in an impenetrable bubble! "That's what it must feel like for a newborn to be wrapped then nestled into its mother's arms after birth", I thought! Complete contentment and happiness and joy!!! I never saw light, but KNEW what had just happened was from the light of God. I never heard voices, but KNEW it was God's words that saved me. I never felt a physical touch, but KNEW God touched me in every imaginable way and for a lifetime. I seemed to instinctively know these things, like a mother intuitively knows when her infant is hungry. Still to this day, in fact, right now I become teary-eyed remembering the beautiful peaceful works of the LORD! Still today I have trouble comprehending how and why Jesus Christ saved little ole' me. But whatever the reason, I'm eternally grateful and literally owe my life (and sanity) to the LORD! You can imagine how still I slept that one unforgettable night. Talk about waking up and feeling rejuvenated!

After that night, uncomfortable life briefly continued on for me, but my negative attitude and outlook did not. I was suddenly able to see the good through the bad, the beauty apart from the ugly, and was able to obtain love where once surrounded in hate. In time, I transformed into a healthy spiritual being. After the years, many passing events, I am today convinced I know why all that evil and hardship and loss happened and for whom it was intended to help, and while I never wish to endure that pain and humiliation again, I wouldn't change a single moment's in time for the appreciation of the thereafter. Shamefully, I do sometimes allow life's stresses and surprises get the better of me, but that's partly why I'm writing: to rediscover all of my life's lessons so that I will be prepared for my next demanding journey.

I would LOVE to have discussions and such with those whom are serious and willing so I added my email if interested. Because "God's timing is perfect" and you never know if friendships or guidance may evolve, I encourage thoughts and opinions.

God Bless