In 1999 I was a security guard for a large fruit business that included seven different food plants spread out over a large valley in Oregon.

I had a usual route between all these plants and particular routes through the plants themselves. There were key stations all through these plants and cold storage buildings each of which I had to visit and insert into the clock that I carried with me.

One evening I rounded a corner in a building that had an inside dock and railroad tracks. I was accustomed to traveling this route in a particular way. I would hit a key on the dock corner, walk along the dock to a compressor room, go through the great double doors, hit the tow keys in there, and exit through a pedestrian door on the opposite side of the room.

But that night was different. As I approached the huge double doors (they were heavy steel and twelve feet high and weighed about 3/4 ton each) As I reached out to push open the door, a strange feeling and vision truck me very suddenly. I was suddenly afraid and had the feeling that there was something beyond that door that would kill me. I saw in my mind a great lumbering beast, a chimera, it reminded me of a creature I had seen in a movie once.

So I decided I would not go in this way. I would go into the other door on the other end of the room. Just as I rounded the corner in route to the other door there was a tremendous explosion! Both of those huge metal doors had been blown all the way down a 1/4-mile of dock, right through a boxcar, and through the wall of the building. One of the three huge ammonia compressors in storage room had exploded.

It was such an irrational thing for me to envision some horrid beat behind a door I go through three times a night, but something told me not to go in there. If I had, well...