The Fire & Misty, Boots, Baby & Little Bits

By Joan Wester Anderson

God cares about animals! Jesus Himself said that not even a sparrow falls to Earth without God noticing.

Maureen Broadbent & her husband had a home in the countryside outside of Corona, in Southern California. One memorable day, Maureen returned from grocery shopping to find her home in flames. The volunteer fire workers were already on the scene but just standing by, watching the fire progress. "We can't go near it," explained the fire chief. "It sounds like there's fireworks going off inside the house." Maureen realized that the popping noises coming from inside the house were from the guns her husband kept to keep coyotes at bay. They were firing in the heat.

Maureen heard barking & realized that their two dogs, Misty & Boots, their two cats, Baby & Little Bits, as well as the visiting neighbour dog, had escaped through the doggie door into the backyard. Also because of coyotes in this still-wild section of Southern California, the backyard was surrounded by a heavy-duty, eight-foot-high chain-link fence with barbed wire wound on top to protect their pets. Maureen started towards the gate to release the animals, but the fire warden held her back & pointed to the top of the fence. Somehow the fire had downed overhead wires. "We can't tell if they're phone wires or electrical wires. If they're electric, that whole fence will be alive. No one can touch it."

Maureen was grieved by the burning of her house & possessions, but she couldn't stand the thought of the swiftly spreading fire killing her pets trapped in the backyard. She ran around to the back & talked to the dogs, Misty & Boots, & cats Baby & Little Bits. They were frightened but trusting, mutely begging for her to help them escape the escalating heat. But the situation seemed hopeless. Maureen sank to the ground, crying, & began to pray: "Oh God, how do I get my animals out of here? I'm afraid to touch the fence..."

Suddenly her attention was caught by the figure of a man running through the wild acres that surrounded the house. Although the brush & bristles were thick & waist high, the man was shirtless & running with ease. Maureen knew everyone who lived in this remote area, but she'd never seen this man before. As he approached, she saw that he was about six feet tall, blond-haired & blue-eyed. Although he ran with effortless speed, when he burst from the thorny brush she saw that he was barefoot.

Without saying a word, he went to the fence, grabbed it, & easily pulled it up from the bottom until there was a opening large enough for the cats, the border collie, the neighbour's dog, & even the German shepherd to squeeze through. The animals escaped at once & surrounded Maureen where she sat on the ground. There she was smothered with licks & sloppy kisses, in the center of a joyful reunion.

When she looked to thank the mysterious stranger, he wasn't there. In fact, he wasn't anywhere. From the Broadbent's home, she could see for miles in every direction, & besides the fireman, there was no one either at the house or heading through the fields.

As a postscript, the Broadbents add that no human, no matter how large or well-muscled, could move the fence back down to where it had been so easily lifed up. The Broadbents now live in Texas, where Maureen happily reports she is now aware of God's Love & the protection of His angels on a daily basis.