Checking on Me

My grandma had died in July of 1987, and I know she's still with me today.

On Ash Wednesday of1995 I had gotten sick at work and had to go home early. Usually in the evening before my mom goes to bed, she comes in and checks on me by placing her hand on my forehead. That night she did and I was awake enough to know she was there. I did not go into work the next day--but I did however feel good during the day. I was prepared to go back to work on Friday, Thursday night, around midnight, I had felt a hand on my forehead and a pressure on my upper arm towards the shoulder. I shrugged it off as mom, I was more and less getting in the lul right before you doze off.

Well, I had left the bed to go to the bathroom, and my mom had heard me coming up the steps and she asked me how am I feeling? I told her "I'm okay, but you didn't have to check in on me." She told me that she was too tired to check on me, and then all as silent and she said "it must have been your grandmother."

I know that she she's with me and always will be. Recently I had a kidney and pancreas transplant, although I had wanted her to show me she was there, I had no response, but just thinking about that Ash Wednesday made things better.