I Know What I Saw

I was looking for away to tell my story in fear no one would believe me but I know what I saw. I had to have surgery,, what a downer I thought, but I was so ill for so long it was necessary. I had gone in for a hysterectomy (full). Things started out fine, tests were fine, but after surgery as like everyone I was in recovery feeling quite nauseated and of course in pain, when the nurses got me feeling more comfortable I went to a bed on the ward. My husband who is now deceased was there with my youngest daughter.

I kept vomiting in spite of all the medication, so I asked them to go home and rest for I knew my husband was slowly passing away of cancer. A nurse came in to check vitals, and could not find a pulse, she rang a bell and I never had seen so many DrŐs and nurses in one room at one time...my pain and vomiting were stopping as I realize I am in intensive care with everyone poking me with one thing or another, it was then at that point I started to here nothing not a sound, and a feeling that I can't explain very well.

I had a clear mind with no stress, sadness etc...except that I loved the euphoria of where I was and did not want to lose that feeling. I suddenly saw something; the face and hands were so bright it was hard to see anything other then that at first, but then I could see barely the outline of a being. For some reason I asked if it was okay to get a hug, weird I know.. but when it answered it was just boggling it answered me in a male but female echo in the background but never the less coinciding. As I hugged this being I felt a great sense of peace, and safty like I have ever or probably will never have again, this being told me I would live for a very long time and will have many grandchildren. I really did not want to let go or come back now that I think of it.. suddenly I was back feeling more pain.

Since that encounter I truly believe it was an angel. It sent me back here for my children whom are between the ages of 31 to 19 five children total, I love kids very much, and yes I have had a grandchild for almost every year since then a total of 8, two step grand-children and 6 blood grand-children. At the ripe age of 49.

P.S since that intervention I have the uncanny ability to speak about angels to just about anyone who will listen.