God is There to Help

In 1994, age 49, we had gone to bed my husband and I, we often watched TV from bed. That night I lay there and had a sudden urge to go to the bathroom, I couldn't get out of bed my legs wouldn't move. I then decided to grab the iron headboard and my wedding rings were banging against it. My husband turned and asked me what was I trying to do? I told him I was trying to get up to go to the bathroom. He got up went around to my side of the bed put his arms around me to lift me as he pulled me to the side of my bed to get up I slid right out of his arms like a rag doll. He said "oh my gosh you've had a stroke" and ran to the phone called the doctors at the hospital and they sent an ambulance to the house. I did not speak and seemed dazed.

At the emergency room I was taken to ICU, they called in a neurologist, 2 of them came and examined me, stating I had a stroke. They ordered x-rays of my head, my husband went along as they took pictures, they found a blood clot in my brain. When he explained what had happened I was afraid I would die and asked God and his angels to protect me and keep me alive. I was admitted and given morphine for the pain in my head that was getting worse they found I was hemorraging.

The next day they took more pictures to check the swelling and blood the x-ray doctors told my doctor that the blood clot had disappeared. I was given a walker after a couple of days and started walking and the weakness from my left leg when I couldn't walk or the left arm when I couldn't feed myself was getting better. I had 7 seven doctors to try to figure how this stroke happened, what caused it and when they looked at my records they were shocked that I had not died from this CVA, Sinus Thrombosis. The only loss I had was a blind spot on one eye and weakness of my left leg which my doctor said no one would be able to tell, I walked like anyone else.

I believe that God is their to help us all we have to do is ask. I feel lucky to be alive, my husband not wanting to be reminded of that noise I made on the iron headboard bought us a new headboard.

I have not been able to remember a lot of the details of what happened that night as I developed some memory loss.

Josephine Lindquist