White Light

I am honored to write to a well dedicated and blessed site. I do believe very much on angels for many reasons. First of all, my huband had an accident on july 12, 2006. He fell from a roof 15 feet down. On the way down, he was going head first. He said, he saw 2 hands and a white light turn him around. He doesn't know how he was turned and his head got stuck in between the ladder. That's what saved his life. The doctor's say he is very lucky that his spine did not brake.

That was five months ago. Today with pain he is able to walk. He can't work, but he is well and alive. With medals and screws I love him. Since then he has changed a little. And is now a true believer in Angels.

Sincerely Beatriz

Keep up the good deeds that the one up above will grant all blessings to all who do his deeds. God bless you and your families.