Dusty Roads

While at Oral Roberts University I heard the following angel story related to me by a professor from the school. He told how one night he was summoned to investigate a case of a young man who was in the center of the learning resources center setting up an art exhibition.

The young man was somewhat poorly dressed and was setting up an interesting series of paintings. They asked him his name, and he responded, Dusty Roads, and they asked for his identification card but he didn't have anything. While digging aroung in his pockets and shirt he produced a worn new testement which he presented as I.D. At the same time Dr. kroeker noticed that under his shirt there was a very white garment, but Dusty immediately closed his shirt. They escorted him away from the building and admitted him to the City of Faith hospital near by to have the staff examine his feet, which were badly swollen, he having a pair of sandals on. they then took him to the YMCA to stay for the night, and checked him in.

Later, when they tried to contact him there, they discovered that he had never even checked in, and nobody remembered the events of the night before. Dr. Kroeker was sure he had dealt with an Angel and prayed that God would forgive him for his poor treatment of Dusty Roads, and said that he would try to treat people better in the future.

The next winter, while parking in the campus parking lot, he noticed a poor man standing in the parking lot and asked if he needed any help. The man asked for a ride to work, which was about three miles away. So, Dr.Kroeker took him for a ride to the little shopping mall he wanted to go to, and let him out of the car, as he turned to wave good bye, however, he noticed that there wasn't anyone there anymore. He looked at the snow covered ground, but couldn't see any footprints. On the way home he praised the Lord, thankful that God had allowed him the chance to care for one of His heavenly messengers. We should always care for the poor, and anyone we don't automatically like according to first impressions, because God loves them, and who knows, they could be an angel.

Bryan Dopp