My Greatest Sin

With a variety of challenging issues in my life, I was praying hard. I was worried about where I was going. I was concerned that I was not doing the right things, and that I did not know what God wanted of me. So I tried to think of a simple question, a question I would ask if an angel was right in front of me. I asked: "What is my greatest sin?" Right away, I heard the answer in my ear (with emphasis): "You don't LOVE enough!" No one was there next to me. I was alone, but I heard it. It was something I needed to hear too, because I always thought I was very warm, very sensitive. I was concerned about my ACTIONS, and my angel was concerned about where my heart was. God was telling me, I think, that what I did was too little from love, and too much because of habit. I needed to connect with people out of true love, not because 'it was the right thing to do'.