Road to Recovery

I have always believed in angels and miracles,but I thought they were for someone else, someone who really deserved them. I learned that we all do, if only we ask. My miracle came after repeated surgeries to fix a botched breast implants of all things.

It was fall of 1995. My first surgery had been a year earlier, I was hemorraging profuseley by the time I got home. I spent the next several hours in and out of conciousness. The next day I was one solid bruise from shoulders to waist. I endured two more surgeries from that doctor. Thank God that doctor went on vacation, my incision ruptured and I drove to the e.r..I ended up with staph and strep infections in the wound, and I was not responding to the antibiotics.

The next step was to be hospitalized, I had a raging fever. That night when I went to bed I prayed like I never had before. I begged God to heal me and let me live, I just wanted another chance to love and care for my two boys, and my husband. I have only told two people about this, it sounds so strange. But after I finished praying I felt a sesnse of calm. Then I felt what I can only describe as a breeze, it moved through me when I inhaled, I felt it move through my whole body. At that moment I knew that I was O.K. The next morning my fever was down, and I was on the road to recovery.

Kristine s.