Padro Pio

Two years ago my husband was visiting a construction site because he was a salesman that had just sampled a machine for this company. He knelt down to scrape some paint of the side of the machine that wasn't supposed to be there and didn't see the dump trunk full of asphalt backing up into him and crushing him between the construction machine and the back of the dump truck.

He was banging on the truck for it to stop but he was getting pinned. He was yelling for someone to tell the driver that he was there. Finally, he saw an older man who motioned for the driver to stop the truck. Another minute and he would have been crushed to death. When he went to thank the man for saving his life he was gone. In hind sight, he remembered thinking that it was odd that a man of his age was working on a construction site.

He hips and thighs were badly bruised but luckily that was it. Anyone who hears this story can not believe that he is hear to tell it.

Two days after the accident we received a Padre Pio statue. We know that it wasn't a coincidence. Then a few weeks after that, my sister went to a psychic and they told her that her brother-in-law was involved in an accident and he shouldn't be here, that Arch Angel Michael is the one that saved his life.

We later found out that Padre Pio sends Arch Angel Michael to help when he can't be there himself.

So, we know that there was an angel intervention that day in April, the day after Easter.