Eyes of A Child

On January 15,1999 my oldest Daughter of 13 took her own life. At the time my youngest had just turned 2 that Christmas Eve. The two had slept together that night and when I awoke to find my oldest Daughter dead and The Baby Girl playing in her room while her Sister lay there dead. Of course at two she was unable to verbalize what she felt so spring came and I had purchased a poster of Angels and had placed it in my bedroom until I could afford to have it framed. My 2 year old saw that picture and started crying "I hate them, They are the ones who took my sister way" I was shocked and it took me a very long time to calm her down as she was so upset and emotional over seeing this picture. I explained to her that the Angels had come to carry her to be with God because she was too weak to make the trip alone.

This calmed the baby and from time to time she would just play and talk to who ever was in the room with her, although she was alone and I saw no one I never asked for I knew that the angels had come to comfort her no questions asked. As the baby grew and her vocabulary grew she was able to tell me more about the night her sister took her life but the Angels where never mentioned again. Her little tender heart understood far more than she should have been able to for such a young age and that was truly a gift from God and his Angels. Amen