The Hallway

One evening, I was up alone in our living room watching TV and folding the laundry. My daughter was asleep and so was my couple month old son. I had a bit of free time to catch up on my house chores. I wasn't paying much attention to the program I was watching on TV, and I was facing more towards the hallway where the rooms were.

While I was folding the laundry, just for a moment, I saw a tall white figure walk out of our baby's room and into the bathroom. I knew it was a man because he had short hair but his hair was like white, almost bleached blonde and he wore a white cloak. I wasn't scared to what I saw and I felt calm.

One evening, I told my husband's uncle about it and right away he told me that I saw our son's guardian angel. I was so amazed and I do believe in Guardian Angels.