The Handbag

About five years ago, on a fine summer's day, I walked to a shopping mall where I purchased groceries. After completion of my shopping I proceded to the Bus Stop. There I discover six bags of groceries. My first thought was to take them. But upon further deliberation, I decided to leave them where they were. Perhaps they belong to a single mom who had little mouths to feed, or to a senior, who could not manage all the bags on a single trip.

The bus came and I went on my way. The following weekend, I walked to another mall, and again purchased a couple bags of groceries. This time I walked home. Halfway into my walk I heard a loud voice, "STOP" I immediately stopped and looked around to see who was talking to me. There was no one. Only cars driving to and fro.

I look up to the heavens, and said, "Father, what do you want with me?" I then looked at the bags of groceries in my hand and discovered that I did not have my handbag. I turned around and went back to the mall. As I neared the the mall, I saw the grocery cart Ihad used and eyed a little black dot in the cart.

I observed people walking to and fro, no one stopped to look at the handbag. It was as if a guardian angel was there protecting it. I was amazed that I was able to retrieve my handbag.

I am sure that had I taken those bags of groceries at the bus stop, I would have lost my handbag.

Your truly,
Avril Gumbs