Waiting Patiently

I wrote this poem on September 14, 2001. Terrorists have taken so much from our people, yet they have not taken away our faith. And with this faith comes an understanding that God is there to pick up the pieces that evil has thrown at us. Angels are among us, both here on earth in the form of the brave and dedicated rescue workers that push forward each day amongst this great sorrow and also the glorious angels sent from God above to comfort us in time of need. This poem is about these angels. God's rescue workers who were sent from heaven to deliver the victims of this unspeakable evil and also to stay and comfort those loved ones that are left behind to grieve.

Angels gathered all above. many were needed for this task

Looking down upon the earth, waiting for word to leave

"Soon. you will be needed. very soon". God spoke

The angels waited, patiently. 

The blade of sorrow, swooped and destroyed.

The angels gathered all their strength.there would be so much to do.

"Soon. you will be needed. very soon,". God spoke.

The angels waited, patiently.

So many innocents, so much darkness, so much pain.

The angels knew. their work must be done very quickly

"Go. you are needed below,". God spoke.

The angels flew, with speed and purpose.

Those man could not see, those man could not find, 

the angels tenderly gathered in their arms

Gently lifting, swiftly flying, through heavens gates

"Enter. you are safe here,". God spoke.

Yet, the angels looked down, still mournfully.

So much sorrow down below, so many left to grieve

But what of the loved ones left behind, Lord, what can we do for these

"Comfort. go and comfort those who weep,". God spoke

Now the angels kneel with us, waiting patiently.