Cave of The Angels

I have recently moved to Spain, where I now practice healing with Angels, and came across your site when looking up even more about Angels. I have been healing with Ascended Beings of Light for many years now but since moving to Spain find Angels have arrived to help me in my work as well, in a big way.

If Angel messages were ever evident then this is a beautiful example of their love. Having a difficult time selling art and knowing that I was to create more inspirational art for healing and of Angels, I sat one day in the afternoon sun contemplating should I give over one of my caves to a healing sanctuary with Angels.

I have two small caves where artists and artisans work.

The answer arrived the following day. A nearby family with children, whom I've befriended over the months, brought me a small plastic cup with water and wild flowers. Then they brought a tiny blue mosaic tile, then a stone - of special significance to them, although I'm not quite sure what. Then a piece of rock with quartz glistening in it.

This took place throughout the afternoon. Each time they delivered something, one would kiss me on the cheek and they'd hastily retreat with laughter. I sat with a grin from ear to ear, and dumbfounded by their simple generosity.

Then I realized what was happening, it was since making the positive decision to move forward with my Angel Sanctuary for Healing.

I have named my cave, "La Cueva de Los Angeles" "Cave of The Angels", and I shall always remember the gifts from the Angels helpers, the children.

Blessed by Angels,