All Around Us

I am a Registered Nurse. I have been working in Acute care for seventeen years, taking care of people who are acutely ill, the sick, and the dying.

I have experienced angelic influences since the time I was a student nurse until the last few years. Angels are around us constantly and if we are open to receiving their messages we can receive their guidance and insight.

They bring the messages in whatever way the receiver will best understand and hear them. Sometimes it is in a dream, or an auditory message, a vision. Other times they make their presence know by being a spark of light close to those who need them. Sometimes if they are close a pleasant smell of flowers, roses will permeate the room.

They have shown up over the years to help me receive guidance to heal, and they surround the person who is ready to pass at death from this life to the other side. I have seen miracles over the years, and have seen them guide in so many ways. The recent disasters that have struck the globe, they have shown up to protect and guide.

Their loving, ever protective influence is all around us at all times. The more we call on their presence the more they are at our side helping us with all lives on earth. Thank you for the wonderful site.