"Don't Live by the Flesh"

I will always be a true believer in God and Angels. In 2000 it was early morning, I was in bed and had just awoke. My husband of just 2 months was laying next to me asleep. I have never read the Bible and I don't go to church regularly, but what I saw that morning in our bedroom will always make me a believer.

There was an open closet to our bedroom that was located just to the left of our bed. When I woke up, looking into the closet, I saw a very young boy, approximately 7 or 8 years old. He was dressed in a white and red robe, the background behind him was a very light glow. He just said, "Don't Live by the Flesh". I turned over to face my husband to see if he saw and heard what I did. He was still asleep, but as I turned to face him a beautiful Angel appeared to be coming from him and floated above us both and disappeared. I woke my husband and told him of the experience I had just witnessed. I believe I received a message from God that night, one that I will never forget and always live by.

I don't use drugs, drink very little and have had the same professional job for 23 years. I have interrupted this message "Don't Live by the Flesh" as to live by the word of God, not by the expectations, demands and judgments that people and society has put on all of us.