Sent From Above

I was very ill with what I thought was my stomach at the time. I had taken ill at school earlier that morning and I could not take the pain so my assistant drove me home. I ended up leaving the doctor's office and being rolled directly into the hospital in a wheel chair from the doctor's office to the emergency room. The medication for pain that was administered in the emergency room did not seem to work. I was given a series of tests and rolled into a lonely hospital room. The pain continued off and on for hours. Finally, I got the strength to get on my knees and pray to god to help me because I knew that would be the only way I would get some relief would be to trust in god. I prayed for god to heal me like I never prayed before.

I finally went to sleep and I was awaken by a woman I assumed was a nurse because she was dressed like one. She didn't say anything but she gave me a white liquid to drink in a cup and I slept like a baby that night. The next day I thanked the nurse that worked on my wing for whatever medicine that was given to me it did the trick and I felt like a new person, she looked at my charts and said there is nothing logged on your charts to indicate that you were given any type of medication. We have to record everything given to a patient on their charts. The doctor that had admitted me into the hospital could not believe it when he saw me he said I can not believe you want to go home but you look so much better than you were yesterday. Every test done after my discharged was negative.

I am convinced that god heard my prayers and he sent a healing angel to heal me. I was healed by his angels, "an angel sent from above".

thank you for allowing me to share.