When I was about six years old a bunch of my friends and I were throwing rocks creek from the bridge above. We waited till we were out of the bridge in order to throw them off. However one of the times I heard a "LOOK OUT!" and I looked up and saw a giant rock falling down towards me. It looked like it was going to hit me! I was too scared to move. I closed my eyes. However the giant rock the size of my head landed right next to me. I could never explain it.

Another time when I was about ten years old, I was riding my bike when a car going really fast down my street turned the corner I hardly saw it. However when I looked up and saw it my bike locked up and I flipped over. The car zoomed past where I was headed on my bike. The last time something like this that I couldn't explain happened last summer when I was seventeen and sent to a boot survival training camp in Idaho for troubled kids. When I was in the wilderness training for two weeks something strange happened. I have asthma and was climbing up a very steep hill. I was on the water run and had lots of weight on my back. There was a large cliff to the left of me past the trail. I saw my friends and instructor turn the corner out of sight in front of me. I passed out. When I woke I was about five feet away from the cliffs edge with everyone surrounding me! Is this coincidence? Or divine intervention? I should be dead.