This occurred about 20 Yrs. ago when I was working as a Police Officer in Toronto. My partner and I was given a missing person detail, someone else had taken the initial report and our detail was to start looking for the lady and her vehicle. She left the Bank where she worked and was to pick up her child from day care. She failed to pick up her child which was very unusual. Her car was located approximately 4 to 6 miles north east of where she was last seen. We looked everywhere we could think of to find her until the end of the shift.

That night when I was sleeping, I had a dream or a nightmare where I was watching someone bury a woman. It was very clear like I was there watching. The lady that was being buried had hands tied to the front. She was buried in a shallow grave and her fingers were sticking up through the soil. I thought what a terrible dream.

When they caught the person that had murdered her. They located the missing lady with her hands tied in front of her with her fingers sticking up through the soil. The person that was arrested worked in a factory close to where he had buried her. He used wire to tie her hands.

(The reason he murdered her was that he had raped her previously and she was to appear as a witness against him.)