Music In Heaven

During this last Summer I spent time doing my best to learn about angels. I realized for the first time that Angels are significant, that we have angels available to assist us in this life, especially as we set out to serve God. About 10 years ago I remember seeing quiet a few books about angels hit the scene and that they seemed to be the in thing. I remember too witnessing peers call on various angels by name and at the time I felt offended that an angel would be called by name but not Jesus. At that time I simply was not buying into the angel scene and I shunned the idea thinking that this practice was merely a "New Age" fad and it didn't seem Christian. I wanted more than a fad. It is true that Jesus is above the Angels and we only need call on the name of Jesus.

It is my desire to serve God. I want to be used somehow. Sometimes I think that it would be nice to be able to write books to speak a word in due season as the phrase goes. I love the idea that books remain for many years even after we are gone, and in this way I could leave behind a gift that lasts even when I am gone.

I know God's Holy Spirit has the power to inspire and I wanted to ask the assistance of angels too in hopes that I could be used by God in writing books, like having God use me as a channel. So I read what I could find about angels in my attempt to understand angels and how I could be used more.

It was quite an amazing Summer really, and it seemed that I had so many incredible miracles one right after another. I found myself being blessed in many ways as well as tasting this sense of divine love.

It was may 22, 2006 I woke up all at once in a stark-like fashion. It was some crazy hour in the morning and I wake up with this incredible urge to Praise God. I had not been to church for quite a while as a result of working on Sundays and I was missing out on the usual Sunday Praising done in Pentecostal style with music, hand clapping and being vocal about it, which is right up my ally. I missed praising HIM and I realized that I can not live without Praise. I wondered to myself "what can I do to praise HIM right where I sit from here? I wished so much I could write a song and sing it to God.

I got out of my bed and I looked on the Internet and searched the question of "What does it mean to praise God?" I wanted so much to praise him and I didn't know how to adequately. I found a few good tid-bits, but was left wanting more.

I went to bed after my Internet search. With praise on my mind, I thought about how the angels praise God in heaven all of the time. I was thinking about music and wishing I could sing to God in a way that was adequate. I wished too that I could be with the angels praising God. It was just wishful thinking. I was thinking about how much I love God and how I had come to this place of praise. It dawned on me too how praise is a catch 22 in that praising God brings us closer to God, and the closer to God we get, the more we yearn and urge to praise HIM. Like a snowball effect it keeps growing and getting stronger.

I then had a spiritual experience:

I heard this beat in my head; it was a strong pressure in my head which caused me fear as I thought, "what is this high blood pressure or something? I was afraid that maybe something was wrong with me. The beating rhythm continued; it was kind of like my heart beat, but it was not my heart beat. I was told to "relax into it" and I did.

I then I then noticed that my eyes were open and I was told that if anyone came into my bedroom and saw me right now they would see that I was awake.

I was then somewhere else, and I heard music. It was the most beautiful music I wish I could describe but I am unable to articulate. There was this song, I know the meaning, but I cannot seem to capture the exact words. The meaning was that WE praise God because of Christ in us, that we praise God through went something like..He (meaning us) praises God through HIM (meaning Jesus) the music was so beautiful.

I relaxed into the music even more and then the set was over. I thought "Oh, I guess that is it" and as soon as I had that thought, another set started up. The second set was piano music, I think to the same song.

I then heard the beat again, like pressure in my head and I was back in my body, awake in my bed.

I now know that there is music in heaven. I do not know why, but for some reason I was allowed to hear a couple of rifts of heavenly praises. The heavens praise God all of the time.

For me, this was yet another miracle.

I can tell you for sure, there is music in heaven.

Alicia ST john