God Saved My Life with an Angel

I will never forget this one day God saved my life.

I was very pregnant and I was at the medical clinic getting prenatal care and my husband was suppose to pick me up after and take me home, as he had the car. He never showed and I had no money, no way home and no one to call for a ride nearly 40 miles away. I knew I had to hitchhike. It was pretty terrible being in that position, but I was stuck. On my way home after a couple of rides, God spoke to me through my intuition. A spiritual voice told me, Like an angel, "A man in a white truck is going to come and ask you if you want a ride. Do NOT get in."

I was calm and safe with no fear. Sure enough a man in a white truck came by and asked if I wanted a ride. I said NO thanks and kept walking. He left, but came back a little bit later. This time he was going the opposite direction, stopped in front of me and was a little more stern. I said No. He came again and this time he was down right mean and demanding that I get in. I could tell that he had serious ill intent. I walked on the other side of the road, determined. He left me alone.

If it was not for God's warning I am sure I would have accepted a ride from the man as I had a long way home yet to travel and I would have had no reason to say no. God saved my life that day. I never felt fear or doubt. I was blessed and protected by my heavenly hosts.