When I was at varsity in the 90's I attended a rock concert with my boyfriend. Walking around the grounds where the concert was held, it felt like a perfect night.

The campus is situated on a hill and the grounds, while high up in relation to the surrounding areas, was not the highest point on the campus. We decided to sit on the ground and chat (we had just started dating). We had been on the floor about 5 minutes when the hair on the back of my neck stood up. For some reason I felt the urge to move away from where we were. We got up and walked into one on the vending tents about 5 meters away. A minute later there was a horrific crash of thunder and the air reverberated with the concussion from a lightning strike close by. A man was killed instantly, in the exact spot we had been sitting in. A hole burnt through his t-shirt from the blast. I could not believe what had happened and how I knew "intuitively" to move from that spot.

I have only recently heard about Angels and the work they do, and I wonder if this encounter was with an Angel protecting me.

I have had other experiences that I have put down to "intuition" but wonder now if I have been guided by my guardian Angel.

I am thoroughly enjoying learning about Angels, thanks to this site and many other sites that are dedicated to Angels and the work they do.

M Akkers Durban, South Africa