In October 1997, I went to bed as usual. I woke up and wondered how I had slept until mid afternoon. I thought the sun was shining through the west bedroom window. I started to get out of bed and there was a being standing beside the bed. He (I call it a he because he was so beautiful I could not decide if it was a he or she) said his name was Michael and he was there to protect me. I told him fine but I had to go to the bathroom. I spoke aloud but he did not. He shrank down to about eight inches high. I climbed off the foot of the bed and ran to the bathroom. I sat there fifteen minutes to make sure I was awake and went back to the bedroom.

He was still there. He had brown, curly hair, eyes, and wings. His wings had hair coming out of a tiny "scale" and reached two foot above his head. He came back to full height, which was as tall as the ceiling. He was about six foot tall with his wings another two foot. He told me he had to show me some things but I should no touch anything I might see.

We went almost instantly to the World Trade Center where (seeing it later) the second plane had already hit. I saw them fall down. The newspaper had a picture of the walls with windows sitting on the ground exactly as I had seen them. Next I saw something fall from almost space over the SE part of the US. What he showed me next was a map of the US with blobs of red, orange, and yellow. The first blob I was told was Chicago and was red (I thought it was blood until I touched it). Next ones (all red) Detroit; Asheville, Tennessee; Atlanta; and New Orleans. He told me I would not be able to go anywhere after Detroit. To make sure I had food, medicine, everthing before Tennessee. No travel by the time IT happened in Tennessee.

Next came war. It starts in NYC. I saw Daisy Cutters, tanks, planes going over-War. The city was guarded after the war by a chain link fence eight foot tall and men with loaded weapons (National Guard). No one in or out. The east coast was next. There were so many dead people they were taken away by dump trucks that went house to house. They dumped the bodies into holes dug by back hoes. People with CDC white suits poured a liquid over the pile and set it on fire. The bodies were covered with dirt when they had melted down to the level of the ground. A doll fell down one pile before the burners came. I reached out my hand to put it back and the being said don't do it. I left it alone. There were about twenty dump trucks waiting in line with some leaving, some coming.

The being told me I would know what he had told me would come true when I saw those towers fall as we were standing on air about two hundred foot high. Instantly I was back in my bedroom and it was dark again. I looked at the clock 2:23 am we had left at 1:16 am. He was floating full height in a kneeling posture with his hands folded in prayer. His wings were folded almost closed in front of him and the pointed bottoms were almost touching the floor. I reached out and touched his wing to make sure he was still real. They were so warm and soft.

I woke that morning and didn't see him so I thought he had left. For months other people would catch a fleeting glimpse of him even though I had told no one about him. My son describe him down to his blue robe and "scales". There were four people who described him. I still feel him near me.