The Aged

Look about thru eyes of tears
looking back upon my years
Promises I never kept, words I spoke made others wept
Lonely thoughts surround my mind
Dreams have died thru endless time

Sorrow melts the heart thats left Agoney replaces zest If just one dream had come true Just one hope had brought forth bloom Maybe then I would not be sitting here in agony

Hope I cannot give to you, only know deaths not too soon Laid upon my bed of tears, looking back upon my years Eyes with age are heavenly laden, filled with hurt and filled with pain No longer sees the joy of life, only sees the endless fight Much too weak to take much more, not another piercing sword Not another unkind word, not another heart that turns

Looking left and looking right, cannot seem to see the light Hopelessness lies everywhere hands outstretched but come back bare Look to me to find the way, ask for help I turn away Cannot give what I don't have] breaks my heart to see heads bowed

Prayed and prayed hear not a word, has my God from me did turn? Has my soul displeaSed my Lord? Am I lost forevermore? I do not know what I will do, hide my tears, run to my room If I die where will I go? Fear says I will go to Hell Do not know if that is true only know the end is soon

Watch as needs they are not met, while others sit on golden nest If their pleaSures they are touched they run aNd cry "PleaSe pray for us" Do not feel that this is right, but then again I have no fight For each alone will face the end and stand before the judgment hand The gold and silver it will melt, how high the pile I do not know

Around each man it will stand, melted gold and blood stained hands And God will take each bottle of tears from different ones shed through the years And He will pour it on the heads of those whose gold was "God to them" And He will say " If you had shared" and show the heart of a broken man The tears will roll and melt the gold, but by then my friend, the bell has tolled. I do not know what I will do I only know that I am through No more sorrow No more pain I no longer want to play the game

God Bless you