Cutting Weeds

I was in Hawaii at a Church workday in 2001. I was cutting weeds with a machete. I was not very familiar with using a machete. I was in a wooded area between the parking lot and the playground working when I swung the machete chest level at some weeds and the machete slipped out of my hand, flew in a circular spin towards two little boys playing in the playground.

I was horrified and cried out God you have to stop it. Then the machete went out of my view, because of the overhanging branches. I waited for the scream of a boy being hit, but it never came. Waiting a few seconds to get a grip, I finally walked over to where the boys were playing, but I could not find the machete. I turned around to trace the flight it would have taken and spied the machete laying carefully perpendicular to the line of playground cut grass to the wooded area, where I had been working.

There is no way it could have landed that way naturally as it was spinning. And it was arching up and would have arched down at least 6 feet from where I found it. I am sure an angel caught it or knocked it down and placed it neatly by the side of the play area.

I am so glad God keeps an eye on us and saves us from our worst moments!