A God Send

I was at the lowest point of my life. I was living in Michigan shortly after my mother and 11 year old niece had been killed by a sleeping driver. I was seeking a relationship that would help me in some way, enrich my life. I was desperate. I was seeking comfort in the arms of this man and that man, thinking both times that they were the one...they were the one that would listen to me, would hear me, would understand how I felt, what I needed.

Both men broke my heart...to the point that I didn't want to live anymore. I got on the internet and asked for prayer from people who didn't even know me. I asked my aunts and my sister to pray for me. I asked my dad. I asked anyone who would lend half an ear to pray for me.

Then I fell down on the floor in tears, heart-broken and finally surrendered my will to God. I quit trying to fulfill what I needed and asked God to do it. I asked for a good man, a God-fearing man, a man that was stable, hard-working, understanding, caring, a man that I could love more and more every day, a man with a beautiful house. I asked for very specific things.

I moved back to Alabama and got on a dating site. I wasn't all that interested in it; but one day decided to just scroll through the profiles. I saw this man. There was something about him as I stared at his picture. I decided to contact him. He didn't live very far from me, and so we decided to meet. Six months later, we married. I knew that God had sent him to me. We live in a beautiful home, all my needs are met, spiritually and physically. God fulfilled even a need that I hadn't specified, but that God knew I had always secretly dreamed of like living in a brick home. Today, I live in a beautiful, large brick home with my husband of two years. He is my God-send. The answers to the prayers that I had prayed for.

Pray for your dreams, God is in the dream-fulfilling business. Trust me on this. I know from experience.