Disguised Angel

During the early 1990's I attended many New Age festivals and did readings as a clairvoyant. I had sometimes had impressions of "beings" being nearby but always when I saw images they were cloudy and not dense like real objects or people. I began to notice that around three or four people working at the festivals, there was a white light, while the others were shrouded in darkness. For about a year I used to see a man drawing pictures of angels. He didn't care if nobody bought them. He just was happy to be there. He sat there and watched what everyone else was doing. He was tall and had very broad shoulders with long blonde hair. His eyes were the most dazzling blue eyes I ever saw. When he looked at you, it was like he gazed into your soul.

I am convinced that he was there to see what was going on, and perhaps to even protect me. After a while I stopped working at the festivals but sometimes would I visit.

I never saw him again.

Victoria Australia