Hi my name is Myra. I have two children. One boy, one girl. They are wonderful and the story i have is really to pray for my son- he is a troubled young man with lots of problems that only God can fix.

I ask that each and every one that reads this will pray for him and pass this story on to some. His name is Jeremy.

This is my story. He comes from a good home as a small child he was a blessing a normal child with all the little boy dreams. At the age of 14 he begin to hang out with the wrong boys . He got into trouble all the time. Then he tryed to kill himself and we got him help only to find out he has some problems .The doctors told us he would out grow and with the help of meds would get better. But it has been 7 years and he still has problems.

He got married and has one son. He and his wife are no longer togather. It is a nightmare. They play head games . He tried to kill himself about 4 months ago again. We are getting help now. But I know and you know that the only one who can help him is God and himself.

So please pray for my son.

Thank you Myra