Unexplained Lights

It was 10:00 at night I was on my way to bed as usual I like darkness in my room so all blinds down and door was shut. This particular night I was doing some reading for about 15 minutes. I than decided I would to turn my light off and go to bed.

Just before getting into bed I thought I would get a drink from my water bottle. I keep 2 in my room. Upon opening the first bottle a beam of light shot out lighting the whole room up for about 5 seconds.

I was stunned but felt at ease like when I had a stroke 12 months prior.

I remember an angel whispering in my ear the whole time 'all will be fine and the paralysis down my left side will go'- and it did after 24 hours.

Getting back to this story I then laid on the bed in amazement. I then got up again opened the other bottle and same thing happened again!

I thanked the angels for confirming they are around me and went back too bed. I tried this again numerous times with no luck and tried to explain it in some other way but I know it was the Angels letting me know they are around me.

Stephen Seiboth