Just Like It Was Yesterday

My name is "Patrick and i'm a 33 year old that will always remember what i'm about to tell you.

This is one memory I will always have, and never forget.

I was adopted at the age of 3 months, at the age of five I came down with a bad case of romatic fever at the same time, heart murmor. My mother and father would have to carry me in and out of the house to the doctors, I remember it taking a terrible hold on my mother she spent a lot of time with me at my bed comforting me.

There where many nights where she cried by my bed side for the doctors had told her I would not fully recover from my Illness and would probabaly die.

Then the unexpected happened. One night just after a docters appointment that day I felt very weak and almost to the point of giving up. I felt tired and weak.

My mother was putting me to bed and I always remember how the street light would cast a silhouette on my wall. I spent many nights watching the palm tree limbs swaying back and fourth.

As i was falling asleep, I felt a strange presents in my room but i remember not caring enough for it to scare me-almost like i was too weak to really react.

Then I heard a voice of a man a very deep and wise voice almost that of one you hear in movies like the wise ones like a wizards voice of such. I didn't react once again, I remember that I was terrified! and I refused to open my eyes.

I tried to ignore it when out of no where again it said '"Don't be afraid, I mean no harm to you" "I am here to help you". And then i felt a hand wrap around the back of my neck, not hard, but firm and it was quick! And i tried to scream but couldn't? Nothing came out I opened my eyes and looked at the silhouette once again on my wall and there it was! I'm no angel expert, but what I saw Wasn't a big bright light, there was a light but not that of blinding such like you sometimes hear.

At the ledge of my window seal what seemed to be a dwarf looking type person, I would say no more than a foot or two in height, not transparent but solid, you know like if someone was standing at your window at night.

It bowed down on one knee, it had wings as well, then i tried to scream again and this time i suceeded in getting it out, and just as my mother opened the door it darted away at a great speed, like that of a dragon fly would. My mom came in like i was being attack and that is about all i remember.

Now people, I was too young to know what angels were, or looked like but this wasn't your classic angel with big bright wings and glowing halos of gold. This was a being of human form.

The next day my mother said that I came down the stairs and said i was hungry, that I remember her running and picking me up with great joy! I was taken to the doctors that morning and he was in total disbelief, he said that there is no way in one night that the murmor, and rhamatic fever were completely gone he said it was an act of god.

Today i show no signs of damamge done to my heart due to the fever, i am told a lot of people have damage done to the valves of the heart. No murmor either. I do show signs on my eyes blotted dark spots, im told thats from having romatic fever.

Well, thats my story, after this many years i havent told to many people, but i feel i have to share it now.

I think about it a lot, it sticks to my mind, and it is something ill never forget. I was kept on earth for a reason, to this day i still don't know, i may never know, but i am very greatful.

Patrick Gilman