A Visit From My Great Grandmother

Two years ago, in 1997, when I was seventeen, I had a "dream" about my great grandmother who died when I was four years old. I can still remember to this day asking my mum and grandmother if I could go and see my great grandmother. She had cancer and chose to die at home with her family.

I was told that I could not see her because she was so sick. I was told however that I had seen her once and was scared of her because of the way she looked. My mum and grandmother thought that I would be scared again to see her so they thought that it was best that I did not see her. Two days later she passed away.

It was May 5th, 1997, which by coincidence, was also my grandmothers birthday. I had the dream early that morning and remember it very well.

I was at this park and was on the play structure running around and being a kid again. It was strange all of a sudden because now that I look back on it it was almost a like a force guided me to sit down at the top of the structure. When I sat down on the structure I noticed that there was still sand but when I looked up I saw that there was a curtain in the corner and was blowing as it would have, had the windows in a house been open.

I was quite puzzled. When the curtain moved, I saw my great grandmother as I had remembered. She was wearing a long maroon dress with a brownish coloured sweater, her black shoes and her grey hair, which went all the way to her ankles, was tied up in a bun, like she always had it. She almost seemed to be standing but at the same time floating.

I was so shocked that I was scared but also excited. I said in a excited/scared tone "Great grandma?!". I remember her smiling, then the curtain blowing in front of her and then she was gone.

I often feel a really strong presence around me and believe that it is her watching over me. I am thankful and grateful that she watches over me. I want her to know that I miss her and think about her everyday and also that I love her.

Hannah Lambie