Little Anna

We were blessed with two grandchildren that are six weeks apart; they were born when our first granddaughter, Kayla was four years old. When the youngest of them, Anna, was about 4 months old, she was sitting on my lap (in our living room). Both children and both mothers and myself were all there talking, and enjoying the babies. Anna looked up above my head (on the wall was a picture of my father, who had passed away 8 years before). She started cooing and turning her head and talking, laughing and smiling (in the direction of that picture).

We thought it was odd in a way, since she had never even seen him. So the youngest daughter-in-law Leisa, was sitting across the room with her 5 1/2 month old son on her lap. She said, "wow wouldn't it be weird if Nathan does the same thing, and has the same reaction?" Then she added, "If he does, I am leaving this room, and not coming back!" She was just thinking how odd it would be..

So she brought Nathan over and sat him down between Lily, the other daughter-in-law and me. Nathan too started cooing and talking and looking at, even reaching for? He also had never even seen my father. But they were turning their little heads, watching and laughing, cooing and reaching for someone??? ANGELS??? Whatever it was sure caused those two little ones a lot of happiness, and we enjoyed all of their precious expressions, and the sounds they were making.