A Visit From Dorcy

About this time last year, July 30, 2016 I was visiting my daughter at the coffee shop where she worked. I noticed a tall slim blonde golden eyed young lady in a blue shorts with straps and a nice blouse. She purchased a drink and stood across the room as I bid farewell to my daughter. She stopped me as I went out the door and offered to pray for my knee.

I explained that my hip is what ails me. She told me to put my hand on my hip. She placed her hand over mine and prayed. I asked her to pray for rain and some cooler weather. She asked me if I felt that. I did feel something in my hip. She said, "That was from God."

I asked her name.
She said it is Dorcy.
I have asked around the shopping center, especially at the Angel Book Store and no one knows her or has seen her.

My hip is no worse. I had just completed kidney stone treatment on the machine that feels like you are being stabbed. I developed Anal fistulas and Hemmoroids. I got cataracts and the dermatologist sent a mole for testing.

How can I contact Dorcy and get her to return for a Divine Booster Shot?

Every one I tell about my encounter with Dorcy thinks I am crazy.

Kindest Regards, B. B.