A Big White Bird

Sometimes I have found that God sends us angels in differant forms, people or even animals.

About four years ago, my first husband passed away.

I was so sad that I couldn't hardly go on. We had been married for 23 years and had 4 children. About 5 years later I re-married thinking that my life would be less lonely and I would have a friend and companion. After a few months I found out that he was not a decent person. He would chase after women and drink too much.

To make a long story short, I prayed to God to please send me some sign that He would protect me and be with me during a difficult divorce.

Please God send me a sign of a big white bird, when I see the white bird I will know that you are with me. What happened next was truly amazing. My next door neighbor, a very sweet lady called me on the phone. She said for me to look out my window at the lake shore and see what the Great Spirit sent you.

I looked out and saw a very big white trumpeter swan. It was at my lake shore and stayed there for three days. Then it left. I knew that God had heard and was helping me. I had the courage now to go on.

When I had asked God to send a big white bird as a sign, He took me at my words and sent a big swan. I was going to take any white bird I saw as a sign. But God knew better.

I took my camera and snapped several pictures of that swan. Now several years later I still have those photographs hanging on my bedroom wall as a constant reminder of God's faithfulness.

Judith Londroche