My First Christmas In Heaven

At the time this happen to me, I had just started learning the small simple things on the computer, had just got it had no idea how to go to a web site at all. My daughter was here and she was the one that got me started on it, as she was leaving I ask her to find me a web site I could read and see what they were. She found me one that had several links on it so I could read them for a while, at this time I have no idea which one it was but it seems like it was one with the dancing animals and cute silly songs on it I really don't remember.

After looking at a few of them I clicked on another link and up came My First Christmas In Heaven. I thought well where did this come from this isn't what I was looking at. So I went back to the home page and started over, here it came again, and again I went back, and again here it came. I thought well I might as well read this it sure isn't going to go away, had even called my daughter and ask her how to get it off and she couldn't understand why it kept coming up.

As I started reading it, I thought oh how sad and started crying thinking about how sad it would be to have a loved one leave you this. If you haven't read it, it is on the My Mom Is A Survivor web site and is called "My First Christmas In Heaven". I read it several times and each time it hurt me more and more, I thought, I have got to get off here this is killing me reading this but I wanted my daughter to read it so I printed it for her to read the next day.

Normally she takes her son to school and goes back home, but she came to my house this morning (Dec.14 1998) and she said I don't no why I just wanted to come over. We poured us a cup of coffee and went to the living room, my brother-in-law was here which was unusal. At 8:35 a.m. my phone rang and I told my brother-in-law to answer it he was next to it. He said hello and had a strange look on his face and said it's your mother and she sounds like she is crying. (which is not unusual for her) I said oh lord what is wrong with her now. I said hello and went numb she said "Pat somebody call me (couldn't remember who) and said Mitzy had been found dead". From then till when I don't no what I done. But I remembered the the link on the computer suddenly and ran to find it and then all I could find was "I'm Free I'm Finally Home and I'm Free" then I found "My First Christmas In Heaven".

The person that found her said he checked on her around 6 that morning and she was asleep, I said no she wasn't she was dead around 10 or11 last night night and sent me the message and I didn't no what it was. but I do now. This person had already threaten her life before. The detective wrote down time of death 7-8 o'clock Dec.14,1998, when her autopsy came back it stated 10-11 o'clock Dec.13,1998. The rest of the story I can't discuss at this time but I will let you no how it comes out. I hope this has shown you that the angels do talk to us, if we would just listen to them.