Visitng Father's Grave

I have always felt and knew that angels truly exist in this world. I became in touch with my empathetic emotions for many years. However, truthfully, I didn't realize how special I was with my gift to see auras, and yes angels. Many times I have seen shadows standing near or behind people I know and strangers. I have often described the shadows and strangers would acknowledge who it was. Such strange nuances, as a side part hairstyle, or a bun worn by "grandma", short shadows, portly shadows, lots of conspicuous descriptions that validated that I wasn't nuts! Anyway, when my Dad died, I had a hard time with his sudden death. My 6 ft 2, strong, WW2 Master Sgt Dad had died. How could he leave me? I cried, and cried, and cried for years. I got lost with my faith and quite morose, and morbid with the graveyard. I would go there often, have picnics, talk to him, and would introduce my newly born children. One hot summer day I decided to present my son to my Dad.

I said look daddy, I gave him your middle name. The city of Colma was blazing hot that afternoon, while I spoke to a cement marker. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew my straw hat tumbling off my head. That red chapeau rolled down fresh green grass and headstones rapidly. I chased that hat while cradling my 2 month old son. Finally, that brim stopped, I gladly picked it up. I was shocked, my son's name was inscribed on that marker. Some deceased soul that had passed 20 years before. My Dad came to me in that graveyard, and he promptly kicked me out! I have never been back. That incident resonated on my heart for days. I went to church looking for answers. The pastor spoke about many ways to gain faith and strength.
However, what he ended the sermon with was, "God is not among the dead, he is among the living."

Thank you pop, I love you too.